Welcome to Safisha!

Sundries Bargains (Nairobi) Limited – ‘Safisha’ is one of the leading local manufacturers and distributes industrial and domestic cleaning products in Kenya & East Africa. We are the proud owners of the SAFISHA brand that means ‘to clean’.

It’s our passion for cleaning that sets us apart. And, after a decade in the game, we’re still committed to delivering the most effective and best quality cleaning solutions at an affordable price. You can find all types of cleaning products ranging from Homecare products, personal care, laundry, house keeping, industrial products and brooms & brushes.

Our products are suitable and able to meet your needs ranging from Corporate organizations, Industries, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools & Universities, Hospitals, Cleaning companies, Households and various other institutions. We cater for all your cleaning requirements under one roof.

We enjoy the spirit of innovation and pursue quality to provide our customers with high quality products. Our goal is to be the leading manufacturer of cleaning products in Kenya and East Africa at large. Try us today!

Some of the Industries that we supply

Our Products


• Safisha Airfreshner Blocks
• Safisha Antiseptic
• Safisha Bleach
• Safisha Dishwashing Paste
• Safisha Disinfectant
• Safisha Glass/Tile/Window Cleaner
• Safisha Disinfectant Urinal Toilet Balls
• Safisha Hand Wash Liquid
• Safisha Hand Sanitizer
• Safisha Multi Purpose Washing Up Liquid
• Safisha Scouring Powder
• Safisha Toilet Cleaner
• Safisha In-Cistern Toilet Blocks
• Safisha Antibacterial All Surface Cleaner
• Safisha Antibacterial Multi Floor Cleaner
• Safisha Bathroom Cleaner
• Safisha Kitchen Cleaner
• Safisha Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Commercial Detergents

• Safisha Acid Descalant
• Safisha Degreaser Acid
• Safisha Degreaser Alkaline
• Safisha Acidic Stain Remover
• Safisha Floor Maintainer Polish Liquid
• Safisha Floor Sealer Liquid
• Safisha Floor Stripper Liquid
• Safisha Tile Cleaner Ultra
• Safisha Tile/Terrazzo Cleaner Liquid

Cleaning Accessories

• Gloves (Industrial & Cleaning)
• Caution/Wet Floor Signs
• Soap Dispensers
• Hand Dryers
• Paper Towel Dispenser
• Disinfectant Urinal Mats

Mops, Brushes & Brooms

• Brooms
• Brushes
• Shoe Brushes
• Dustpans
• Floor Squeezer
• Force Pump
• Mops
• Toilet Brushes

Scouring Pads, Sponges & Steel Wool

• Safisha Sponges
• Safisha Floor Maintenance Pads
• Safisha Scouring Pads
• Safisha Sponge Cloth
• Safisha Steel Wool
• Safisha Sufuria Scrubbers
• Safisha Mesh Scrubbers
• Safisha Microfibre Cloths
• Yellow Duster